memory problem debugging

Richard Caley
Mon Aug 24 00:32:00 GMT 1998

I have a pervasive problem in some code I'm proting which has all the
signs of a heap corruption. Can't isolate it by stepping or commenting
out, so next step is a cleverer malloc. 

I tried compiling Gray Watson's debugging malloc library, but it is
very unhappy (crashing in it's setup).

Before I spend a lot of time reinventing/reporting wheels, has anyone
got such a package running under cygwin, or have an alternative/better
suggestion for how to debug heap problems.

Thanks for any help.

PS. Any guesses what the odds are that b19.2, b20 or whatever is going
to be usable under win95? Is the current flakeyness a passing phase or
a symptem of deep problems?

     (O O) 
		- RJC
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