faq (was Re: ssh searching its files in /.ssh instead of $HOME/.

Michael Weiser michael@weiser.saale-net.de
Sun Aug 23 09:58:00 GMT 1998

Hello tjoen, you wrote:
>> BTW2: Is there any Interest in posting the FAQ periodically to this
>> list?
>I am interested.
>But post them only after an update taken place.
Mhmm, IMHO the FAQ should be posted regularly every two or four weeks
so that every 'newbie' gets to read it before asking at the list. I
don't know how frequently changes happen so I don't know if the
interval would be much longer following your suggestion or even much
shorter. I think we would have to try. But there should be some
regular interval in posting.

But of course I'll anyway check the size of the document first for
whether it makes sense posting it. IMHO I won't get new friends by
posting a 100KB monstrum. ;)

My HTML-Version downloaded 98/8/18 is about 134KB. Leaving out the
history and GPL we could gain about 40 to 50 KB reduction to about 80
to 90KB. Converting to ASCII it could reduce again to about 60 to 70
KB but IMHO that's already hard at the border for posting it to the
What do you (I mean all the other ;) think about this?

For the case that it's really to much for posting: Is there any
interest in posting a list of resources where you can get info from
like the FAQ, Michael's package report and various gnu-win32 pages on
the web? If nothing strange happens I think I could find the time to
maintain such a resource and post it here.
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