RFD template

Steve Morris smorris@xionics.com
Sat Aug 22 08:18:00 GMT 1998

Here is a blank RFD template to compare with the gimp one I posted earlier. It
is important to follow the template exactly since various bot software parse
these. We basically replace whatever is between brackets "[...]".

                               RFD Template

From: Your Name <your@e-mail.address>
Subject: RFD: group.name
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,add.more.groups.here

                     REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (RFD)
                     unmoderated group group.name

This is a formal Request For Discussion (RFD) for the creation of a
world-wide unmoderated Usenet newsgroup group.name.  This is not a
Call for Votes (CFV); you cannot vote at this time.  Procedural
details are below.

CHANGES from previous RFD:

[ List changes if this is a second or later RFD, otherwise delete this
  section. ]

Newsgroup line:
group.name    Group description.

RATIONALE: group.name

[ Rationale for the group goes here. ]

CHARTER: group.name

[ Charter for the group goes here. ]


MODERATOR INFO: group.name

Moderator:  Some Moderator <someone@somewhere.org>

[ Other moderation notes go here.  Delete this section if the group
  isn't moderated. ]



This is a request for discussion, not a call for votes.  In this phase
of the process, any potential problems with the proposed newsgroups
should be raised and resolved.  The discussion period will continue
for a minimum of 21 days (starting from when the first RFD for this
proposal is posted to news.announce.newgroups), after which a Call For
Votes (CFV) may be posted by a neutral vote taker if the discussion
warrants it.  Please do not attempt to vote until this happens.

All discussion of this proposal should be posted to news.groups.

This RFD attempts to comply fully with the Usenet newsgroup creation
guidelines outlined in "How to Create a New Usenet Newsgroup" and "How
to Format and Submit a New Group Proposal".  Please refer to these
documents (available in news.announce.newgroups) if you have any
questions about the process.


[ Newsgroup and mailing list distribution of the RFD goes here. ]

Proponent: Your Name <your@e-mail.address>
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