mounts, ls, and filename completion

Larry Hall
Sat Aug 22 08:18:00 GMT 1998

At 07:32 PM 8/20/98 GMT, Michael Weiser wrote:
>Hello Earnie,
>You wrote:
>>> Hmm, I didn't think that you have to change bash or ash to use binary
>>> pipes. At least in DOS programs you can set stdin and stdout into
>>> mode and don't have to change I don't know if this can
>>> be done in Win32 console programs. I thought that the Cygwin.dll would
>>> handle this, so binary mode would/should work with every
>>> program, regardless if I use bash or
>>Shell piping is controlled by the shell.  If the coding for the shell
>>isn't correct then you have to fix the code for the shell.  Win32
>>piping should work fine for cmd.exe.  You've gotta fix the bash shell
>>to use binary pipes and IMHO it shouldn't be an option it should
>>always open the pipes in binary mode.
>Doesn't the binmode setting for the CYGWIN32 environment variable
>affect bash's pipes?

Personally, I agree with Earnie.  I don't see any reason why pipes, etc
need to be text mode.  Anyway, at the moment, we're stuck with what comes
from Cygnus by default, which means pipes are text mode.  Assuming that
we will not get agreement on the subject of making pipes binary for good,
I think a switch would be the next best alternative (perhaps the current 
binmode switch could be used?)  However, currently with the source 
distributed with b19.x, pipes ARE text.  There is no facility for making 
them binary.  It is hard-coded.  I'll make a change to the bash source to 
check the binmode switch if nobody objects that this is bad pragmatically...

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