Strange LoadLibrary() behaviour

Ralf Gerlich
Sat Aug 22 07:18:00 GMT 1998

Hi there,

I am using b19 under Win95 and I am trying to make shared libraries and
load them
using LoadLibrary(). But LoadLibrary() shows a strange behaviour: It
returns a
NULL-handle and GetLastError() is zero(no error). I tried this using the
relocatable-dll example from John Cerney and the behaviour was the same.
I found some article about this in the mailing list archives, but the
hints there didn't help and in this article it was concerning b18.
Non-relocatable DLLs work properly, but relocatable ones only do so
sometimes. I haven't figured out yet what's the cause for them to work
in these spare occasions. Is it OK that there are unresolved symbols in
the DLL? I found .reloc,end and __end__ to be unresolved when I looked
at it using nm.

Hope anyone can help,

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