[ANN] DLL wrapper and C/C++/F77 DLL examples

Mumit Khan khan@xraylith.wisc.edu
Thu Aug 20 20:56:00 GMT 1998

Gnu-Win32 users:

I've uploaded a set of examples for making DLLs in C/C++/F77 and a helper
program `dllwrap' that automates the relocatable DLL building process.
I've also included a modified dlltool that includes a set of new options 
to create export def files from a set of objects/archives without mucking 
with ``nm ... | sed ... | fgrep ... | fgrep ...'' etc. The changes to 
dlltool are already in the binutils development tree, so you can expect 
it in the next release.

Of course, once someone volunteers to fold dlltool into the linker, this
wrapper will become obsolete. Here's to hoping for a volunteer ...

for more info. 

Download from web page above or directly via ftp at:


Both cygwin32 and mingw32 packages have the same contents, except one is
in .tar.gz and the other in .zip format.

I've used these tools to build all my local DLLs, and so far haven't had
too many problems. Consider this a very *alpha* release however, and 
please report bugs directly to me.


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