mounts, ls, and filename completion

Michael Weiser
Thu Aug 20 14:19:00 GMT 1998

Hello Earnie,

You wrote:

>> Hmm, I didn't think that you have to change bash or ash to use binary
>> pipes. At least in DOS programs you can set stdin and stdout into
>> mode and don't have to change I don't know if this can
>> be done in Win32 console programs. I thought that the Cygwin.dll would
>> handle this, so binary mode would/should work with every
>> program, regardless if I use bash or
>Shell piping is controlled by the shell.  If the coding for the shell
>isn't correct then you have to fix the code for the shell.  Win32
>piping should work fine for cmd.exe.  You've gotta fix the bash shell
>to use binary pipes and IMHO it shouldn't be an option it should
>always open the pipes in binary mode.
Doesn't the binmode setting for the CYGWIN32 environment variable
affect bash's pipes?


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