gcc and Win32 DLL

Pete Jordan pete@horus.cix.co.uk
Thu Aug 20 01:51:00 GMT 1998

Srinivas Desirazu (1392)) <srinivas@itl.atr.co.jp> wrote:

> Can gcc build a Win32 DLL that can be used from MSVC++ 5.0.


> If so could someone post a pointer on how to do this.

I'll be posting full instructions on 
http://www.skydancer.demon.co.uk/gnu-win32/ soon, but basically you use 
the instructions for building a relocatable DLL. You need a
"--subsystem windows" on the ld lines and an appropriate "-e" parameter 
for your DLL entry point ("-e D_DllMain@12" in my case). Depending on how 
VC++ in configured, you'll need to do name mangling in your .def file - 
stuff like:


assuming you have a stdcall function called Command() with two parameters.


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