I: VC++5.0 stdarg.h works in cygwin32

Michael Czapski MCzapski@openplus.com.au
Thu Aug 20 01:51:00 GMT 1998


For a multi-platform project I had a need to use variable length argument lists 
in C.  In VC++ (just the C part :-)) the stdarg.h was included and the code 
works using va_start, va_end, etc..  The same code, compiled with gcc in the 
cygwin32 environment breaks as there is no stdarg.h provided either in the 
B19.x or in EGCS and varargs.h, which is provided in both, is non-ANSI.  For 
these who are interested the VC++5.0 stdarg.h, copied with no changes, will 
work just fine in the cygwin32 environment and will provide ANSI variable 
argument list support.

Cheers ...
Michael Czapski

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