CD-based distribution (was Another website....)

Dennis Newbold
Thu Aug 20 00:44:00 GMT 1998

Sounds Great!!  I'd go for it in a New York minute. wrote:

> Here's what I'd like to see in a GNU-WIN32 CD distribution. I'll call it 'Blue
> Socks' to distinguish
> it from 'Red Hat' Linux ....
> Basic system using InstallShield or similar installer. Able to cleanly
> uninstall whole system.
> Full Unix paths, (/usr, /home, /etc)
> Manual pages plus support programs (man, grotty, etc).
> EGCS (C/C++, plus make only - no Fortran, Pascal, etc)
> X-programs, such as xterm, xtetris, etc.
> At the risk of being real unpopular, I'd prefer the current two distributions,
> i.e. a user and
> a programmer distribution. The programmer distribution would include all in the
> user
> distribution plus:
> Perl,
> Tcl/Tk,
> Emacs or Xemacs (the latter preferred as Emacs on NT is pretty darn good
> anyway).
> Other programming languages (esp Fortran, Pascal)
> Graphics libraries, (where licensing allows), JPEG, GIF(?), TIFF, PNG.
> What do other people think about this?
> Bob Cross.

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