CD-based distribution (was Another website....)
Wed Aug 19 19:35:00 GMT 1998

#HTML help files are a good idea provided the user has a decent browser
#installed (probably nearly all desktops these days).  Plenty of tools
#exist to convert man and tekinfo files to HTML (I assume).
Yes, I like this idea too - especially since it means that these files could
(conceivably) be available without having gnu-win32 active.

#One problem using static files for help is the lack of a search
#facility.  I've heard Microsoft has done something for Win98, but that
#won't help us since the GNU-win32 distribution is targetting Win95/NT
#too.  Maybe someone can build a help engine based on Apache though...
I think that the Win98 HTML search is based on using Personal Web Server.
I'll know for sure by this time next week, when I'll have done my first Win98 
If Perl is going to be distributed with gnu-win32, why not just generate a nice 
little script.
I seem to remember that some genius had a simple web server done in Perl as 
well -
this could be very useful?

Bob Cross.

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