Undefined link symbols

Bates, Rod Rod.Bates@wichita.boeing.com
Tue Aug 18 21:11:00 GMT 1998

Earlier, I wrote: 

> While linking, I get undefined symbols _setjmp, ___infinity,
> ___errno, and sometimes _stderr.   My program is written
> in a mixture of Ada, using the gnat compiler, and Modula-3,
> using the Pm3 compiler.  It compiles, links, and runs fine on
> Linux.  When I go to NT, the link step gives these undefined
> symbols.
> Both these compilers use gcc as the code generator and,
> on NT, cygwin.  Can anybody tell me where these symbols
> should be found, so I can tell my link step where to look?
I have more information.  When I use the gcc that came with
gnat, I get undefined symbols _setjmp, ___errno, and ___infinity,
referenced from within the Modula-3 runtime library.  

When I use the gcc that came with cygwin, I get undefined
symbol _stderr, referenced from within the gnat RTL.  

I have dumped the calls to ld that these two gcc's generate.
They differ in many ways in the -L and -l options supplied
by gcc itself (those supplied explicitly by my build scripts are
the same).  However, If I manually add all the -L and -l 
options to one of the ld commands which were present in
the other, it doesn't help.  

I am now systematically looking for lib*.a files anywhere on
my system and for the missing symbols inside them.  

> Rodney Bates   
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