Compiling gnu-win32 from scratch

Ian Collins
Tue Aug 18 21:11:00 GMT 1998

I have to compile the gnu-win32 environment from scratch (see below for
I have downloaded the b19 source. Do I need ecgs? or can I use gcc?
(which is best?). Are there any written instructions to the compilation
process, or is it the usual configure/make that we all love?

I have about 40 people who want to connect to my gnu-win32 server to run
a character app developed in the gnu-win32 environment. They have to
connect using telnet, but the maximum number of connections I can get is
10 (ish).

I got the information awhile ago that all I had to do was modify tty.h
(NTTYS) from the gnu-win32 tar ball and recompile. Is this correct?

Many regards,
Ian Collins
(Been away on a VB *scream* project - back again).
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