ssh searching its files in /.ssh instead of $HOME/.ssh

Michael Weiser
Tue Aug 18 15:21:00 GMT 1998

Hello Sergey,

You wrote:

>> I just donwloaded ssh-1.2.26-cygwin32b19.tar.gz from Sergey's site and
>> installed it. It runs perfectly so far making connections to sshd on
>> my linux box like hell. But ssh doesn't search its files in $HOME/.ssh
>> like it should. Instead it tries to create /.ssh and place its files
>> there. For example:
>Is your home directory set in /etc/passwd?
No, it wasn't, but now it is and ssh runs quite perfect. Thanks for
your advice. :)

BTW: As it seems to be a general issue, couldn't mkpasswd or even the
FAQ issue some warning about this? I would volunteer to write some
paragraph about it or we could use the one burried in these usefull
hints from Chuck Bogorad for non-cygwin32-users I've just found after
I knew what I had to search for. ;)

BTW2: Is there any Interest in posting the FAQ periodically to this
list? IMHO it would save a lot of time if everyone always had the
up-to-date FAQ without having to ftp- or www-download it. I would
volunteer for that, too.


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