mounts, ls, and filename completion

Earnie Boyd
Tue Aug 18 04:14:00 GMT 1998

> I guess it should. Another member of the list answered that I should
> CYGWIN32=binmode, but as soon as I do so, every Cygwin program
> immediately coredumps on startup (the .core file is in binary mode
> so it seems to work a bit). I tried to set it in a DOS box using `set´
> and/or `winset´, and in the autoexec.bat. I'm using Win95b OSR2.5/124
> and Cygwin 19.1. The coolview thing is for NT only? Or should I try
> that?

YES! Get the `coolview thing'.  It is a replacement for the
cygwinb19.dll with modifications for the bug fixes.  NO! It is not
just for NT only.

> >  Support for this would require a change to the bash code and
> > I don't know if its in there or not.  I've modified my bash code
to open
> > pipes and such as binary so I don't notice problems there myself
> Hmm, I didn't think that you have to change bash or ash to use binary
> pipes. At least in DOS programs you can set stdin and stdout into
> mode and don't have to change I don't know if this can
> be done in Win32 console programs. I thought that the Cygwin.dll would
> handle this, so binary mode would/should work with every
> program, regardless if I use bash or

Shell piping is controlled by the shell.  If the coding for the shell
isn't correct then you have to fix the code for the shell.  Win32
piping should work fine for cmd.exe.  You've gotta fix the bash shell
to use binary pipes and IMHO it shouldn't be an option it should
always open the pipes in binary mode.

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