List Oops? [Was: Re: Anybody Running GNU-Win32 on NT 5 ?]

Michael Weiser
Tue Aug 18 04:14:00 GMT 1998

Hi Alex,

You wrote:

>> Your thirst for email shall soon be quenched...
>> A turnaround time of a day or two is normal for gnuwin32, simply due
>> to the massive amount of email that needs to be sent. 
>Yep, it's finally started rolling in  ...  To my surprise, however, the 
>following also rolled in :
>>>>> Just wondering if anybody's running GNU-Win32 on NT 5?
>**** Command 'just' not recognized.
>>>>> [ And also wondering why I've been subscribed to the list for a day
>>>>> and a 
>**** Command '[' not recognized.
>>>>> half and no incoming mail has appeared ? ;-( ]
>**** Command 'half' not recognized.
>>>>> -- 

Hey, yes, I got the same majordomo hickup, and like yours my message
was also delivered correctly to the list.

So what is it? Some automatic redirection of mails that seem to
include majordomo commands to its command processor? I read something
about this to be added in some future version. But the version running
at Cygnus is 1.94.3 while mine is 1.94.4 which doesn't include such a


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