B18: "sed ** >> a_file", paging error in kernel32.dll in window 95 Korean Version

Sung Hoon, Kim (±è¼ºÈÆ) vivlavie@plaza1.snu.ac.kr
Tue Aug 18 02:16:00 GMT 1998

I want to a simple thing, extracting the contents of several files from the first line to the line where "Copyright" is shown, and stor the results into a file.
In example, there exist two files. One has the contents

>cat file1
function []= ...

and the other has
>cat file2
funtion []= ...

As you know, 

sed -n '1,/Copyright/p' file? >> a_file

doesn't work. It only stores the extraction of the first file. So I tried in bash

bash> touch a_file
bash> for file in $(ls file?); do
> sed -n '1,/Copyright/p' file? >> a_file

But this makes errors, saying "bash caused paging error in kernel32.dll."
What wrong with this?

Sung Hoon Kim

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