mounts, ls, and filename completion

Jeff Sturm
Tue Aug 18 02:16:00 GMT 1998

Besides that the registry is normal and expected for win32 apps, the
registry provides a convenient way to "boot" the cygwin32 system so it
can find the root directory and remaining configuration files.

For instance, inetd from inetutils is configured within the inetd.conf
file currently, not in the registry.  But before cygwin32 can find
inetd.conf it must load the mount table from somewhere.  Since the
location of the root directory depends on the mount table, the
filesystem isn't really a good place to keep the mount table.

CyberJack wrote:
> Why is it using the registry to store anything? Shouldn't we gear this
> toward a normal standard filesystem format.

Jeff Sturm
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