bash "pregnant pauses" revisited (B19 on NT 4.0)

Matthias Morche
Sat Aug 15 08:50:00 GMT 1998

Arndt Schoenewald wrote:
> [This is about a phenomenon already mentioned on the list. It seems
> I have found a partial solution.]
> Yesterday I downloaded and installed Cygwin32 B19 (for the first time,
> i.e. I am new to Cygwin32) on a machine running Windows NT 4.0 Server
> w/ SP3. Interestingly, I am seeing the same symptoms as described by
> Andrew Sharp ( in a post to the gnu-win32 list:
Please, give us a dump of Your PATH as seen by the bash from within
cygnus.bat. I've got similar problems before I tweaked my PATH.
Obviously cygwin tried to interpret some element of the path as a
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