CD-based distribution (was Another website....)

John A. Turner
Fri Aug 14 01:39:00 GMT 1998

Geoffrey Noer wrote:

> In principle, I would prefer InstallShield-based distributions but
> obviously that causes a lot of problems -- it's proprietary and isn't
> very scalable to 100s of packages.  So maybe rpm is the way to go...
> Overall, I think it is best if the system promotes compatibility with
> Windows.  (We'd all be much better off running Linux if all we wanted
> was a UNIX box).  If there is a good way to package things that is
> more in keeping with normal Windows ways of existance other than
> Installshield that might be a better choice.  Dunno.

I recently installed something (XEmacs) that was packaged using an
alternative to InstallShield that some people seem to like better,
called WISE ( ).  I think the Python
community uses it (here's a blurb I found about that ).

Anyway, it seemed fine to me, from a user point of view.

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