CD-based distribution (was Another website....)

Brian Osman
Thu Aug 13 14:29:00 GMT 1998

Robert Read wrote:
> What about the Debian .deb tools?  I've never compared the two side by
> side, but Debian seemed have a better handle on package dependencies and
> also a better support for upgrades.  The package selection application was
> a bit obtuse, though.
> robert

My personal vote would be for .rpm, as it seems to be spreading beyond
RedHat. I know that Debian's package management is superior in some
ways, but that is largely because the packages themselves are better
maintained. (i.e. Debian keeps their update packages more current than
RedHat in some cases.) That doesn't reflect on the tools, which I
believe are both fully competent for the task. However, where RPM has
already been ported, and where it seems like RPM is a more common format
for distribution of third-party packages, it would make sense if it
became an integral part of GNU-Win32.

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