building egcs for mingw32...

Daniel Karipides
Thu Aug 13 14:29:00 GMT 1998

I would like to request information on how to build an egcs snapshot
for a mingw32 target and host.  I realize that binaries of the
releases are available to save me the trouble.  For a variety of
reasons, I would like to be able to compile the compiler myself.  So,
if you have successfully built egcs for mingw32 using nothing but
cygwin/mingw32 and have the time to give the some pointers, that would
be greatly appreciated.

>From reading this list and the egcs list, I assume that the following
is correct:

(1) Run configure and make in a cygwin32/bash shell.  This is for
    symbolic links and other unix-like features needed by the egcs

(2) Use the following options for configure:


A direct question would be what other options are necessary?
Specifically, is there a need for:


    (these are the only assmeblers and linkers, so is this assumed?)


I tried a build with a minimum of configure options and it died
in gcc/toplev.c.  I'll leave deatils for the egcs list, but I think
this is the most apporpriate place to ask for starters.

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