OpenGL with mingw32

Cliff Lee
Wed Aug 12 15:14:00 GMT 1998

Has anyone successfully gotten any implementation of opengl working
under mingw32 (minimalist gnu-win32)? This is how I thought one would go
about creating the link libraries:

impdef opengl32.dll > opengl32.def
dlltool --def opengl32.def --dllname opengl32.dll --output-lib
impdef glu32.dll > glu32.def
dlltool --def glu32.def -dllname glu32.dll --output-lib libglu32.a

The above is for MS OpenGL, though I've tried it with SGI's OpenGL and
Mesa too. I've tried it with pre-compiled DLLs as well as DLLs I've
compiled myself when possible. The result is always the
same...everything links properly, but when I try to run my program, it
always says "A required .DLL file, OPENGL32D.DLL, was not found." Now,
where's that extra D coming from? Same problem with GLU32.DLL too.

Anyway, just to see if things work, I rename opengl32.dll to
opengl32d.dll and glu32.dll to glu32d.dll. Now when I run my program, it
tells me my EXE file is "linked to missing export
GLU32.DLL:_gluPerspective." I am completely stumped. I've looked far and
wide, but I can't find a solution to this.

Any advice at all would be appreciated. Whether I'm doing things
completely wrong, or I'm on the right track, or whatever, I could
certainly use some input. Thanks.


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