mounts, ls, and filename completion

Earnie Boyd
Wed Aug 12 13:00:00 GMT 1998

I hope I can do this easily so that all can understand:

When you `mount -b D:/ /foo' the mounted reference is a logical
pointer to the D:/ root directory _NOT_ to the directory /foo on D:. 
Therefore, when you do `ls /foo' you will also see the /foo directory
and you would be able to do `cd /foo/foo'.

Let us suppose that the `/' root directory is mounted to c:\ and that
/foo resides on c:\.  Let us now suppose you `mount -b D:/ /foo'.  You
still have a logical pointer to the D:/ root directory and filesystem
commands to /foo will look at the D:/ root directory and c:/foo will
not be used (usually).

As for confusing cygwin32, which one is it supposed to use?  It will
attempt to use the logical pointer /foo and usually does; however, it
is possible for it to use the physical directory /foo and occasionally
does.  When I was testing to respond to your querys, cygwin32 gave me
"permission denied" errors accessing such a mounted directory.

To help you understand the cygwin mount table, think of it more as a
symbolic link table than as a table of directories available for use
by the user.  To help you further understand, remember that you are
emulating UNIX, not using UNIX and that you are really using WIN32.

Hope this helps,
-        \\||//

---"J. J. Farrell" <> wrote:
> > From: Earnie Boyd <>
> > 
> > ---Pete Jordan <> wrote:
> > > 
> > > You need to create a directory with the same name as the mount
> > > /before/ mounting it. For example:
> > > 
> > > 	mkdir /foo
> > > 	mount -b D:/ /foo
> > 
> > Only if your on UNIX and this ain't UNIX.  As a matter of fact, it
> > best _NOT_ to create the directory first as it only confuses you the
> > user _AND_ cygwin32 the emulation filesystem.
> > 
> > Now if you were to do:
> >       mkdir //d/foo
> >       mount -b //d/foo /foo
> > that would be perfectly acceptable and would not confuse you or
> > cygwin32.
> Now I'm thoroughly confused, on a couple of counts.
> 1) Why should Pete's version confuse the user and yours not? This
>    user found Pete's version immediately easy and obvious to
>    understand, but had to struggle for a while to understand yours.
>    I suspect that what is confusing depends on your background.
> 2) You say that you should not create the directory before mounting
>    on it as that confuses both the user and the software. By my
>    reading, your version also creates the directory before mounting
>    on it, but you say that won't confuse the software or the user.
>    I take it that you don't really mean that creating the directory
>    first will cause confusion, but I'd like to understand what you
>    do mean - how and why will your version work but Pete's not?
> Regards,
> 		jjf

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