Subclassing and a couple of other things

Simon Vilmer Pedersen
Tue Aug 11 06:34:00 GMT 1998

Hi all.

I am experimenting a bit with window subclassing, in specific subclassing the window of the IRC program mIRC from another program. But I cannot seem to get it to work like in the SDK.
First I get the hwnd of the window, with FindWindow("mIRC",NULL)
and it returns the proper hwnd.
But when I then call orgWinProc = (WNDPROC)SetWindowLong(hwnd,GWL_WINPROC,(LONG)WinProc) it returns NULL, and a test with GetWindowLong shows that the above command had no effect. But GetLastError returns 0. Anyone who can help me with this?

A couple of other questions:
1. Is it possible to get DDE to work with GNU-Win32, I cannot seem to find DdeClientTransaction in any of the libs?
2. Can you get GLIDE (3Dfx) working with GNU-Win32 b19.1? I found a guide for it, but it was for beta 17 and there are a lot of unresolved external references.

Thanks in advance
Simon Vilmer Pedersen

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