linking with PVM library?

Wu Ming
Mon Aug 10 19:36:00 GMT 1998

   I want to do some job about Parallel computing by PVM under
   Window NT. I  already have the PVM communication library (
   libpvm3.lib) compiled by VC++ on Windows NT. I want to use
   GCC to compile a pvm program linked to libpvm3.lib. Can I do
   that and how to do ?
   When I made the attempt as follows, I got a huge amout of warnigs
   and a  few errors.
   gcc -o hello hello.c -I/pvm3/include /pvm3/lib/win32/libpvm3.lib
   the result is :
   /gnuwin32/b18/H-i386-cygwin32/i386-cygwin32/bin/ld.exe: /pvm3
   /lib/win32/libpvm3.lib(WIN32/lpvmgen.obj):   warning:   ignoring
   ignoring duplicate section `.text'
   /gnuwin32/b18/H-i386-cygwin32/i386-cygwin32/bin/ld.exe: /pvm3
   /lib/win32/libpvm3.lib(WIN32): warning: ignoring duplicate section
   C:\PVM3\src\lp: undefined reference to `_iob'
   gcc: Internal compiler error: program ld got fatal signal 1

   Thanks A Bunch!

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