bool and gcc

Mon Aug 10 16:31:00 GMT 1998

Nikki (aka Inquisitor Nikodemus) asks:

> What does the following mean ?
> .cc:120: warning: name lookup of `index' changed for new ANSI `for' scoping
> .cc:119: warning:   using obsolete binding at `index'
> What's that "new ANSI 'for' scoping" ?

I believe that this is dealing with code that looks like:
	for (int i = 0; i < limit; i++)

In the original ANSI blessing, the scope of `i' extended into more_code, but
the new blessed standard has it extending only through some_code.

Currently, it's probably best to not use this at all.

> And the next one :
> request for member `figure' in `nodebufstat', which is of
> non-aggregate type `node *'
> Line 122 is :  *(nodebufstat).figure=-1 ;

Try it this way:
		(*nodebufstat).figure = -1;

Or, probably more directly:
		nodebufstat->figure = -1;

marcus hall
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