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Geoffrey Noer
Mon Aug 10 01:26:00 GMT 1998

On Thu, Aug 06, 1998 at 03:16:39PM -0400, Jeff Sturm wrote:
> BTW my initial impressions with this package are:
>   a) it is excellent quality, compared to even commercial offerings
>      from Softway and AT&T (I've tried most of them).

Glad you like it!  My goal is for Cygwin32 to become the Linux of the
Windows 9x/NT space.  Although we have a few hundred thousand users
at this point (estimated), the system will become much more popular if
and when many optional packages are easily available/installable.

>   b) it is horrible for a newcomer to find his way around and tame
>      it into a nice, useable GNUish package (why no vim, less in the
>      distribution?)  I guess that's why it's beta...

I definitely agree this needs to happen somehow.  I'm looking into

> Why doesn't someone build a distribution of cygwin32 configured with
> all the goodies, updates, egcs, X11, etc?

Well, I can at least say that the next release will include EGCS 1.1.
(That's almost for sure).  I should have more solid news as to when
the next major release will occur in a week or two.

Geoffrey Noer
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