ANNOUNCE: mailing list for discussion of enhancements in cygwin32 support

Michael Weiser
Sat Aug 8 13:06:00 GMT 1998

Hi folks,

Charles Randall <> wrote:

>While I greatly appreciate the efforts of the Cygnus staff, I wonder if
>a USENET news group dedicated to Cygwin32 would be beneficial. While
>the name is debatable (is Cygwin32 an OS?), I couldn't think of anything

"CyberJack" <> wrote:

>Is there an IRC channel or anything for immediate discussion or help
>with/for gnu-win32? Would there be any interest in one? Like the #linux

I now created a seperate mailing list for discussion of enhancements
in cygwin32 support to get questions about such things off this list.
It's running under majordomo on my home server (
which is connected to the Internet using a 28.800 bps modem. Although
this link is very reliable in my experience it's also very slow. As I
poll my ISP twice a day at 16:10 and 3:00 CEST (which are IMHO 14:10
and 3:00 UTC) it certainly won't be the the fastest anyway. ;)
But if demand and number of subsribers grow I could move it to a
machine located in my ISPs backbone with 24h internet access.

Okay, now here's the info on how to subscribe:


This list is dedicated to discussion of enhancements in
support of the cygwin32 environment. Especially creation of
a newsgroup and IRC channel should be discussed here. It was
created to get questions about it off the real gnuwin32
support list

If you have support questions on cygwin32 environment or
other gnuwin32 projects like egcs-mingw32 and gcc-mingw32
please join the support list and post them there.

To subscribe this list use


in the body of a mail to To unsubscribe use
a mail to with a
body of


More help is available by mail from with


in the body.


Diese Liste dient der Diskussion von Ideen zur Erweiterung
des Supports fuer die cygwin32-Umgebung. Besonders das
Anlegen von Newsgroup oder IRC-Channels sollten hier
diskutiert werden. Sie wurde angelegt um Fragen zu diesem
Thema von der eigentlichen Support-Liste

Wenn du eine Support-Frage zu cygwin32 oder einem anderen
gnuwin32-Projekt hast, bitte joine die Support-Liste und
poste sie dort.

Diese Liste kannst du mit einer Mail an mit


im Body subscriben. Unsubscriben geht mit einer Mail an mit einem body der Form


Weitere Hilfe gibt's per Mail bei durch

im Body.

Have a lot of fun with it... ;)


For help on using this list (especially unsubscribing), send a message to
"" with one line of text: "help".

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