problem with make

Fri Aug 7 10:39:00 GMT 1998

Hi all and thanks for the help.  I still haven't found a solution to my
make problem, but I think I need to expand on the prob as it mixes
cygwin32 and non-cygwin32 tools:

The topic is java development, using Sun's JDK for Windoze.  A typical
compiler invocation would be

javac -d e:/public_html

which says compile to Applet.class, putting the class file
in directory e:/public_html

Now, even with mount points and/or the use of the //e/public_html
syntax, javac refuses to recognise this form of path.  I expected the
mount point not to work and it says on the Cygwin32 web page that only
cygwin32 tools know about mounting, and the JDK isnt such a toolset.
So I guess I'm stuffed!

Any more pointers and/or inspiration well appreciated. cheers

Stuart Maclean, Research Associate
University of Washington
ITS Research Program, College of Engineering
Box 352500
Seattle, WA 98195-2500
Tel: (206) 543-0637
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