problem with make

Thu Aug 6 14:36:00 GMT 1998

Hi all, I'm a newbie on this list, and to Windoze in general.  Porting
some make stuff over from Unix, I've stumbled across a makefile syntax
problem.  To declare a generic rule, I'd do

%.class :

now, the class file may be in a diff directory.  I am used to

DEPDIR = /home/stu/files/stuff

$(DEPDIR)/%.class :
	build class file from java src

of course on bloody NT, DEPDIR may contain a colon, e.g

DEPDIR = e:\files\stuff

this blows up make since the substituted line reads

e:\files\stuff\%.class :

which has a colon where one is not expected.  I could remove the
depdir from the target name and do a manual move of the class file
after compiling it but I feel that's messy.

I have tried all sorts to escape the colon but nothing works.  The
make error is "missing separator"

Any help gratefully appreciated...

Stuart Maclean, Research Associate
University of Washington
ITS Research Program, College of Engineering
Box 352500
Seattle, WA 98195-2500
Tel: (206) 543-0637
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