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Steve Morris
Tue Aug 4 18:09:00 GMT 1998

If the list is small (< 30 people) I would be glad to maintain a list for such
a discussion. The reason it can only be a small list is that I don't run list
servers and I would have to maintain the list by hand. (I basically run raw

I suggest that anyone interested in this general topic of starting a
newsgroup, and is willing and interested in participating in initial
discussions send me mail at If more than two people respond
I'll start the list.

The purpose of the list would be initial discussions about appropriate
strategy, mostly to educate each outher on how it is done. If we move forward
it would also be a place to coordinate efforts and make sure the T's get
crossed and I's dotted. Actual debate about the name and necessity of such a
group would happen in the appropriate public forums designated for that
purpose. Voting would also happen in the standard public way with
announcements going to this and other interested groups.

On the other hand it would be really nice if cygnus could do this (create a
list) with a real server.

FYI: Technically newsgroup creation is a public processed not owned by the
interested parties. I.e a group could be created against the wishes of this
group and Cygnus. They get the same number of votes that anyone else does.
>From a practical point of view most mof us would would vote with the leaders
on this list since such a newsgroup would be useless without them.

 > On Mon, Aug 03, 1998 at 08:23:46AM +1000, Trevor Yann wrote:
 > >
 > > I believe this was discussed some time ago. One of the problems that
 > > some peolpe had was that not everyone has access to the alt.*
 > > newsgroups. Unfortunately there is a good deal more work to add a
 > > newsgroup to (say) comp.os. :(
 > I think the best thing would be if someone took the time to add a
 > Cygwin32 group in the appropriate place in the comp. hierarchy.  Once
 > the approval process was taken care of, we'd have a mailing list and a
 > newsgroup.
 > Unfortunately,  I do not have the time to deal with starting a
 > newsgroup for Cygwin32 although I think it's a great idea...
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