New site / daemons

Tue Aug 4 09:07:00 GMT 1998

I am working on setting up a gnu-win32 site. Hopefully to be a little more
user friendly than some of the information currently available. Geared
toward users(like myself) and developers. I am not a developer by any means.

I would like the server to be able to "practice what it preaches". In other
words, I want everything to be gnu-win32 based. It is currently setup on a
PPro 200, 96MB RAM with cygwin32b19/coolview. I have inetd working
smoothly, although telnetd is the only current service. Also, currently
have named working. I have all other Internet services ready including
ftpd, sendmail, and RedIndian Apache. Except...

I still need a pop3 or imap daemon for cygwin32 (prefer pop3). Has one been
ported? I am only interested in a binary or a source all ready to just
untar and make. I would also be interested in in.fingerd and tcpd. Has
anyone done anything with these.

Also, if you've had any interesting experiences or have anything to share,
please email me at


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