Missing Win32-fcts {Copy,Move,Fill,Zero}Memory

Mark Becker Mark.Becker@neuroinformatik.ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Tue Aug 4 04:42:00 GMT 1998


Mark Becker wrote:

> obviously gnu-win32 is missing the following Win32-API-
> functions:
> CopyMemory, MoveMemory, FillMemory, ZeroMemory
> I couldn't find them neither in the header-files nor in the libs;
> scanning the FAQ and mailing archive didn't give me any pointer.

Sorry, I've to correct the statement above : only CopyMemory isn't
implemented in gnu-win32, all the others do exist!
Anyway, for the sake of completeness it would be nice if CopyMemory
is implemented too! A simple mapping to the memcpy-fct would be
sufficient I guess; it's similarly done for MoveMemory, FillMemory and

I tried to build the libtiff-library from SGI which calls CopyMemory
in the tif_win32 module. 

  Mark Becker

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