is there a ide ever coming out for gnu-win32

Andrew Sharp
Mon Aug 3 17:30:00 GMT 1998

Stanislav Sinyagin wrote:
> Joseph Sirucka <> wrote:
> JS> hi
> JS> is there some sort of gui/ide coming or in the works for gnu-win32.
> JS> just asking. this command line stuff just being just new is taking a bit use
> JS> to learn. may write one in java.
> One of the main purposes of cygwin32 is creation of UNIX-like
> environment. As you might know, command line interface is the most
> powerful tool of UNIX. Of course, there are graphics interfaces for
> UNIX, but they do some general tasks. Command line remains the most
> sharp and beautiful interface. Especially with such modern cute things
> like bash or tcsh. Working more on UNIX, you'd understand.

Heh.  ~:^)

If that answer doesn't satisfy you, how about VIM, and what
about xxgdb which comes with cygnus stuff?  I think it's pretty cool
considering what it is (the tcl/Tk version of xxgdb, running on cygnus'
port of those things to win32...amazing), and I actually have better
luck getting functionality to work using that than I do the command line
gdb.  vim does a pretty good job out of the box on things like
edit-compile-[run]-edit loops, putting your cursor right onto the line
that had the compiler error.  And of course, it can be taught to work
with any compiler, any language as long as vim can find the output/error
messages.  And vim does pseudo fancy colors/syntax parsing for some
thirty syntaxes, even some pretty weird ones.  Hey, they have a syntax
parser for Prolog.  Say no more.  Of course, there is a version of
gnu-emacs that has much or more of these same features...and has been
around a while longer too.  Vim also has a VERY handy feature called
include searches.  You can search for a rexp, or a keyword, or a keyword
as function, not just in the editor buffer, but in all the files that
are "included" by that file (and all the files they include --
recursive) as well.  Pretty handy for finding that stupid macro that you
just can't remember where it's defined.  And again, these features work
not just for C, but for any "include" syntax you can write a rexp to
define.  I find it invaluable for Perl development, not just on NT.  And
yes, it will edit binary files and convert your C file to HTML for
pretty viewing with a browser.

What, you say you want something to help you do your GUI interfaces? 
See Stan's well written paragraph above.  ~:^)

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