Any interest in alt.os.cygwin32?

Larry Hall
Sun Aug 2 15:23:00 GMT 1998

At 08:34 PM 8/1/98 -0600, Charles Randall wrote:
>While I greatly appreciate the efforts of the Cygnus staff, I wonder if
>a USENET news group dedicated to Cygwin32 would be beneficial. While
>the name is debatable (is Cygwin32 an OS?), I couldn't think of anything
>I think a news group would relieve the Cygnus staff of
>some administrative burden (allowing them to concentrate on the
>software instead). Additionally, as a personal preference,
>I'd rather follow a news group rather than the mailing list.
>Finally, I believe that this would give Cygwin32 a bit more
>Does anyone have any data related to USENET article propagation delay versus
>the delay for messages on this list?
>If there's no interest, I'll shut up. :^)
>Charles Randall

Hi Charles,

The idea of pushing the stuff from this mail list into a news group has been
brought up on this list countless times before.  Generally, the response has
been some would like it, some would not.  It seemed to me that most everyone
might agree that it would be fine to have a news group if the list remained
as well and one mirrored the other.  It seems that the reason that something
like this has not already been attempted is that noone pushing for it 
actually followed through and made it a reality.  Can I make a suggestion?
If you or some other person or persons are interested in having cygwin32 
in some kind of news group, how about sending a message to this list 
proposing its discussion off-line, in some other list (perhaps one even as 
simple as one you make and publish yourself)?  The reason I suggest this is 
while I think the discussion of this topic is fine, getting another round 
of "I think its a good idea" and "I think its a bad idea" messages in this
mail list makes the signal to noise ratio drop dramatically, which makes it
harder for those who need it to get at useful information out of this list in
the meantime.  I don't want to squash your discussion but I'd just hate to
see another debate develop on whether a news group would be a good thing or 

Just my $.02.

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