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Björn Kulms Bjoern.Kulms@rz.tu-ilmenau.de
Sun Aug 2 15:23:00 GMT 1998

Could you guys, by any chance, read (or RTFM to) 
any dummy-beginner's guide to UNIX or at least,
PLEASE answer personally instead of reposting to the list.

BTW, good stile is, to mark off-topic stuff "OT:".

Stuff (like this) is not related to cygwin32 at all,
but knowledge that is available to the public since 
decades, and there are bunches of newsgroups etc.
that actually deal with those questions.

BTW, you might want to have some LinuX installation
around. Helps a lot....

> There seems to be an inconsistency in how * is interpreted.  When you
> run, say, 'echo.exe' from the commandline you get the following:
> C:> echo *.*
> <Contents of C: are listed>
> C:> echo \*.\*
> \*.\*
> So why does it expand the glob in the first instance, and not unescape
> them in the second?  And doesn't this mean it's impossible to echo the
> string:
> *.*
> from cmd?
> Running from sh behaves as expected:
> $ echo *.*
> <contents of pwd are listed>
> $ echo \*.\*
> *.*
> Any ideas?  The reason this is causing problems is that we have a
> wrapper around these binaries and it's clueless as to what's expected of
> it because it seems indeterminate with respect to commandline expansion.
> Is there some hook whereby the tools know if they're being run from
> another Cygnus tool so they don't expand the command line?
> Thanks,
> Jason
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