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jjd <johnd%software.ntep.nec.co.jp@franken.de> wrote:
>> I recently installed B19, and everything is fine, except my /dev
>>directory didn't get created.  Am I missing something?  I uninstalled and
>>reinstalled, to no avail.  I need to have ptys and ttys for some perl
>>scripts that I'm working on (Expect stuff), and this is getting quite
>>frustrating.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>i think you have to do something like:
>  mount CON /dev/tty
>  mount NUL /dev/null
>  ...
>but the directories won't get created because it's only a logical
>hope this helps,

Actually, it doesn't.  You don't have to do this.  In fact, please don't
do this.  /dev/tty and /dev/null work out of the box, as you'd expect.

Adding these mount commands will just make cygwin32 work harder to
produce similar results.
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