linking gcc & vc++ object files

David Young
Sat Aug 1 07:27:00 GMT 1998


We are linking object files generated by gcc and object files  
generated by vc++ on Windows-NT. In order to get object files  
generated by gcc to link with object files generated by VC++ we have  
to append a "@n" suffix (n seems to be always a multiple of 4) to the  
function names (in the gcc related source files) whos object  
definition is in the files generated by VC++. That's because the VC++  
generates function symbols in object files with a "@n" suffix. Note,  
this has nothing to do with C++ name mangling, all function  
definitions are wrapped in extern "C" {} ; this is an ANSI-C related  

QUESTION: What is the "@n" all about?

>From the list archives, I see this question was asked on this mail  
list before, but the responses were incongruent to say the least.

Your response is very welcome.
Please cc:: your response to as I do not want to miss  
any input regarding this subject.

Thanks A Bunch!

David Young; vvi-dcs
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