EGCS Win32 gcc compiler wanted

Mumit Khan
Thu Apr 23 13:07:00 GMT 1998 (Gorton Zhao Guo Wei) writes:
> I installed the b19.1 to my Pentium 133/32M ram PC together with NT 4.0 (work
> station). I tried to tar (decompress) the EGCS 1.0.2 file (9.5M bytes in size
> ). It took me whole night (about 15 hours) to do this, but it still has not b
> een finished yet. The CPU usage almost stays 100%. It must be something wrong
> ly. Normally, it only took a few minuts to compress a 20M bytes file if used 
> a Winzip on the same computer. I guess that I have to turn on or to set some 
> flags to this gnu-win32. Does anyone know how to speed up this gnu-win32?

Bet you're using FAT filesystem on NT, right? If so, you're running into
the same old "EA SF" slowdown problem which IMO renders cygwin32 b19.x 
useless for any real work. I believe Geoffrey has stated that he will 
provide an option to not use extended attributes on NT/FAT, but I haven't 
been keeping up with snapshots to know if it's already happened or not.

If you're not using FAT on NT, I can't even guess as to the cause of this

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