reboot, anyone?

Geoffrey Prewett
Fri Apr 17 17:51:00 GMT 1998

>    I'm looking for a command line, no questions asked, "reboot" utility for
> NT.  I'd like to be able to reboot my NT box remotely from a telnet shell.

Try downloading the WinNT 3.51 Resource Kit from Microsoft.  It has shutdown.exe
which will do what you want.  I should note, though, that I have had problems
where it doesn't actually reboot when the time runs out.  I think that if a
user is logged in when the program runs, and logs out before the reboot occurs,
it doesn't reboot.  This manifests itself in shares not connecting (giving
"Name not found"-type errors, MS's ftp server refuses connections, etc., since
apparently the system still thinks that it is shutting down.

>    It is important that it skips the dialog box as I won't be there to click
> the "OK" button.  Can this be done?

shutdown.exe /y

You might also try compiling a quick C program to do it with the API.
I think the command is ExitWindows or something similar.

Geoff Prewett
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