phantom file "aux" under bash b19
Fri Apr 17 14:45:00 GMT 1998

Hi Mike, you wrote:

: So it isn't you but your mailer who kills gnuwin32 from the reply list ?

Neither: I just verified that a mail from another system with a Reply-To:
is honoured by my mailer. So if you added "Reply-To: gnuwin...", it was
probably deleted by the mailing list processor at cygnus.

: I *have to* use MS Outlook Client at work - this is bad enough.

I'll have to bite this soon: Already too much base64-"crap" like screenshots,
Word or Excel attachments which doesn't print nicely (lots of paper wast)
without MIME. I don't like to save to file and hand edit before every print!

Bye, Heribert (
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