phantom file "aux" under bash b19

Michael Hirmke
Thu Apr 16 23:10:00 GMT 1998

[] wrote:

>Hi Michael, you wrote:
>: Btw. could you please leave this list in the reply-to list of your mails.
>: It is quite annoying to always add this list manually for a reply.
>For me, too.

So it isn't you but your mailer who kills gnuwin32 from the reply list ?

>: And - please also stop sending replies to the list *and* the original
>: sender of a mail. I hate it to read messages twice - especially if they
>: belong to real big lists like this one.
>Sorry, my current mailer has no easy way to leave off the author and specify
>the list only instead. Perhaps you could use MS Exchange which filters
>duplicates by Message-ID 8-)

I really hope you're joking 8-/
I *have to* use MS Outlook Client at work - this is bad enough.

>Bye, Heribert (

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