ImageMagick et al.

GNU Win32
Thu Apr 16 17:08:00 GMT 1998


> Working with ImageMagick-4.0.4, trying to port to cygwin32b19.1.  The
> experience has been interesting.


> ImageMagick 4.0.4 now builds OK.  

Is display/FX and animate working OK for you? My earlier experience with
B17/B18 required that ImageMagick be compiled with "-O" instead of the default
"-O2" optimization. Everything would build OK, but FX and a few other features
would produce B/W images. This may not be a problem with egcs, but could still
be a problem with standard b19 gcc.

> Build ImageMagick 4.0.4 with inclusion of da Silva's HDF libs (but not
> his libz.a and libjpeg.a, they are earlier versions) 

ImageMagick actually works with these older versions of jpeg/zlib...

> gives similar 
> complaints, but succeeds.  Have not yet tested the results on HDF files, 
> but is work fine on all the jpegs, pngs, tiffs and gifs I have thrown at 
> it.

I have tried B19 ImageImagick with HDF and it works.

Arlindo da Silva

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