Small request...

Graham Murray
Thu Apr 16 11:25:00 GMT 1998

	>Every mailer I've ever used always expands the alias to include
	>actual address.  Therefore, you should never miss these
messages in
	>the filter as long as you use the "contains" feature.

	How do I set up such a rule for Microsoft Exchange client?
Incoming internet mail to here is collected by an Exchange server and
distributed via the internal mail network to Exchange clients running on
each PC.  I can only configure the Exchange Client on my workstation, I
have *no* control over the server configuration. The only filtering I
have found is in the "Inbox Assistant", where I have setup a rule for
"To:".  Unfortunately this misses a lot of message
to this mailinglist.  Similar rules for other mailing lists (eg NTemacs)
catch almost every article, and I rarely have to move them to the
correct folder.
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