Small request...

Mumit Khan
Thu Apr 16 02:41:00 GMT 1998

On Tue, 14 Apr 1998, Jimen Ching wrote:

> I see many people opposing these requests, but I have yet to see a good
> reason why it shouldn't be done.  Just because there are alternatives doesn't
> mean it is a bad idea.  Second of all, filtering on 'Sender', 'To' and/or
> 'CC' doesn't always work because some people use aliases for the mailing
> list address.  If you filter, you will miss these
> messages.  Adding a keyword in the subject line in all messages distributed
> by the mailing list will guarantee that the filter will trap it.
> Why is it bad to 'bung up' the subject line?  What's so special about a
> subject line that you shouldn't 'bung it up'?

Because it is unnecessary! Because it makes the subject line longer making 
it hard to quickly scan articles by subject -- very important for those who
get tons of messages.

As for aliases, unless someone defines global system aliases for Gnu-Win32
(can't imagine why any sysadmin will do this), it's expanded before your
MTA sends it out, so it's not an issue.  I'd rather have my filtering code
miss a few (for whatever reasons) than have extra gunk added to the
subject line.

I subscribe to over 20 different mailing lists, and all of these are
handled automatically via procmail-style tool (ours is a different setup,
but the idea is the same), and it all works beautifully. FYI, I've been on
this list a while, and don't remember gnu-win32 messages ending up in my
mailbox by accident w/out getting routed to the appropriate folder


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