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Earnie Boyd
Wed Apr 15 08:53:00 GMT 1998

---Jimen Ching <> wrote:
> I see many people opposing these requests, but I have yet to see a
> reason why it shouldn't be done.  Just because there are
alternatives doesn't
> mean it is a bad idea.  Second of all, filtering on 'Sender', 'To'
> 'CC' doesn't always work because some people use aliases for the
> list address.  If you filter, you will miss these

Every mailer I've ever used always expands the alias to include the
actual address.  Therefore, you should never miss these messages in
the filter as long as you use the "contains" feature.

> messages.  Adding a keyword in the subject line in all messages
> by the mailing list will guarantee that the filter will trap it.
> Why is it bad to 'bung up' the subject line?  What's so special
about a
> subject line that you shouldn't 'bung it up'?

Subject: This is my test subject.
Subject: [gnuwin32] This is my test subject.
Subject: Re: [gnuwin32] This is my test subject.
Subject: [gnuwin32] Re: [gnuwin32] This is my test subject.
Subject: Re: [gnuwin32] Re: [gnuwin32] This is my test subject.
Subject: [gnuwin32] Re: [gnuwin32] Re:[gnuwin32] This is my test

I hope this is enough to convince you that you don't want to "bung up"
the subject line.  Also the subject line is one of the conditions for
controlling "threading".

> --jc

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