List problems again (duplicates)?

Geoffrey Noer
Sun Apr 12 19:45:00 GMT 1998

John A. Turner wrote:
> Is it my provider or is there a problem with the list again?
> I've received three copies of all messages recently.

Yes.  The offending address has been removed and this should stop
happening as soon as existing mail is delivered.  If you see multiple
copies of this message, let me know privately and I will look into it

Also, please send me mail if you know why this sort of thing happens.
Is it because of lame mailers, bad mail configurations at the
user/sysadmin level, what?  This has happened a number of times but I
still don't know why it happens.

On a more positive note, it does look like mail is being delivered in
the 2-3 day range instead of a week.  Hopefully this will continue to
improve after the mail loop mail is done.

Geoffrey Noer
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