gcc & g77 trouble with library routines: "linked to missing export CYGWIN.DLL:strlwr"

Wolz Wolz@helix.nih.gov
Sat Apr 11 10:09:00 GMT 1998

Fergus Henderson wrote:
> On 28-Mar-1998, Wolz <Wolz@helix.nih.gov> wrote:
> > I prepared the following test program to demonstrate:
> >
> > #testc.c
> >
> > #include "string.h"
> > extern char * strlwr(char *);
> > main () {
> >   char testchar[]="X";
> >   strlwr(testchar);
> > }
> strlwr() is a non-standard function.
> Any programs that use it will not be portable.
> My guess as to why it links but won't run is that
> the old (b18) cygwin.dll used to export strlwr(),
> whereas cygwinb19.dll does not export it, but when
> removing the function someone forgot to remove it from
> the export list.
> > One solution would be to write replacement routines, where necessary.
> Right.
> But don't call the replacement strlwr(), since names starting with str[a-z]*
> are reserved for use by the implementation.  Call it say my_strlwr().
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Thanks for the hints. It turned out that moving up to B19 was the
solution/fix for that problem. I had been using B18. Now the compiler,
make, gdb, are running well.

Now another problem has shown up, referenced elsewhere, where bash hangs
up after about three mentions of an unsupported program. 

(By the way, in the compile, I did use the -g parameter, to prepare the
program for debugging.)
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