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Earnie Boyd
Fri Apr 10 04:23:00 GMT 1998

>Subject: Re: phantom file "aux" under bash b19
>Reply-To: Peter Miller <>
>Date: Tue, 07 Apr 1998 10:19:48 +1000
>From: Peter Miller <>
>Michael Hirmke writes:
>> There are a few of those special files: con, com<x>, lpt<x>, ...
>Having these files is *every* directory seems excessive.
>(I've run into this problem, especially ``aux''.)

These "files" don't exist as files.  These are devices that are reported 
on by ls as devices.  They do not reside on the disk drive. 

>Surely they could be absolute?
>	/con, /com<n>, /lpt<n>, etc...
>or even a touch unix-ish
>	/dev/con, /dev/aux, etc...

It is possible that an occasional file of such name does get created on 
the disk, especially from a tarball.  If this ever happens, to remove 
the file you must FULLY specify the path. 
EG: rm //c/disk/path/to/aux

>Perhapse the location could be specified using mount?

They are emulated via the cygwinb19.dll.

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